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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] don't miss a second of ncaa march madness with my multiview, only from at&t u-verse. just $29 a month for the first 6 months. dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. we want to see him up on his feed, back in the field, being a paramedic again, because he loves it. >> a man is in a coma tonight. his family and friends are coming together in his honor. >> everything went as good as it could. when you have a five-foot hole in your fuselage. >> a ripple effect with an emergency landing. and a view of the sky mid-air. flights canceled across the country and it is not over yet. the news starts right now.
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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. hundreds of flights were canceled across the country today and tonight. that's because federal authorities are concerned about the safety of many planes after a large hole opened up in the main cabin of a southwest flight mid-air yesterday. 79 boeing 737 planes are out of commission for several days. southwest had to cancel 300 flights, delay countless others, and most people we talked to didn't even know what happened until they arrived at the airport. with so many planes being pulled out of the rotation for inspection, the delays could last for days. kimberly tere has more for us. >> reporter: diane, out of the three bay area airports, oakland's was the hardest hit. southwest airlines canceled 22 outbound and 8 inbound flights today. while it seems calm now, there was chaos for much of the day. >> two hours. >> a long line at oakland
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international airport filled with people forced to make alternate plans because southwest grounded 29 flights. >> i was already packed. i was ready to go out the door. i was eating my breakfast. my son was ready to pick me up and i just wanted to get out. >> reporter: it may be days before another flight. >> they said basically, sorry, you're going to miss your flight. it's a little bit more complicated than that, because we're flying into texas to go on a cruise. >> reporter: some missed their flights because the lines to check in were too long. >> there's a good chance people can make their flights. but they've got two lines here with nobody communicating. and what they really should do and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to say, look on the board and if your flight is coming out, you can get in this line so you can make your plane. >> we're going to l.a. to go to istanbul on another flight. if we don't get on another
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airline, we're losing both flights. >> reporter: there is a possibility hundreds more will be canceled tomorrow. as southwest airlines works to make sure they don't have a repeat of friday's emergency. flight 812 had just reached cruising altitude after departing phoenix bound for sacramento, when suddenly a three-foot section of the aircraft skin opened right over the passengers' heads. the pilot quickly descended from 34,000 to 11,000 feet then made an emergency landing at a military base in yuma. >> i thought we were going down. i really did. it seemed like we were dropping pretty fast. >> it flashed through my mind is, is this what it's like to die. you just didn't know what the end result was going to be. >> reporter: a harrowing experience to say the least. there were 118 passengers aboard the flight, and no major injuries were reported. southwest says inspections of those grounded planes could take several days, so keep that in mind if you have a flight.
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check online or call ahead first before heading to the airport. kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> this is not the first time this particular model of airplane has had holes open up during a flight. we'll lack at the other emergencies in the air. some of you, you may remember. but a few you probably didn't hear about, even though they happened very recently. plus we'll hear from the federal officials investigating yesterday's incident. the giants fan who was beaten at dodgers stadium earlier this week after the season opener remains in critical condition tonight. 42-year-old brian stowe of santa cruz is in a medically induced coma. there is now a $10,000 reward in the case and the co-workers came together tonight to help the family. monty francis has the story for us. >> reporter: the giants are getting ready for their home opener here next week. but right now all thoughts are on one of their fans, brian
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stowe, a paramedic who works in santa clara county. they're in the business of saving lives. but paramedics and emts here are in a daze, trying to fathom how their vibrant co-worker is no longer saving lives but fighting for his own. >> i think shock. a lot of us are still in shock. we're just waiting for, yeah, no, we were just kidding. hoping, praying that it was not true. >> reporter: the 42-year-old paramedic was leaving dodgers stadium on thursday after the giants season opener. police say two men began taunting stowe and his friends, perhaps because they were wearing giants gear. police said one of the men punched stowe in the back of the head and stowe hit the pavement. the father of two children was rushed to the hospital with critical head injuries. and was later placed in a medically induced coma because of swelling to the brain. >> if it's your co-worker, they're supposed to be doing the carrying, or driving.
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they're not supposed to be the one that's unconscious. >> he is one of those guys that just lights up a room when he enters it. he's a great friend, a great partner. >> reporter: police released sketches of the two attackers, and a $10,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. meanwhile, fellow paramedics and emts are collecting money to help support stowe's family and to help pay for insurance deductibles and other expenses. >> we want to see him up on his feet, back in the field. we want to see him being a paramedic again. because he loves it. >> reporter: stowe's co-workers are planning a fund-raiser for wednesday. they also set up a fund for him. if you would like more information for that, go to our website nbc >> thank you, monty. the attack is still on the minds of many fans who attended today's games. giants and dodgers fans arrived seeming to give each other good
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natured kidding. but the los angeles police department took things more seriously, adding extra security around the stadium. >> we would think that maybe security will keep an eye on us now. i feel like i brought two of my kids here, and it was scary, but when i saw -- there was a bunch of giants fans here, it was all good. >> we'll have the highlights from today's game coming up later on in sports. in japan, there was another setback in the effort to regain control of the fukushima plant. highly radioactive water continues to leak directly into the pacific ocean, but at least officials now know where it's coming from. workers discovered an eight-inch-long crack in a maintenance pit in the plant causing water containing radioactive iodine far above the legal limit to spill out. they said large amounts will have little effect because the ocean dilutes the radiation. officials will continue to
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monitor the situation. also today, engineers tried to fill that pit with concrete, hoping to seal the leak, but because there's so much water, so far that just hasn't worked. coming up next at 11:00, that emergency landing of the southwest jet is prompti ining serious questions about airline safety tonight. a look at the problem that could have led to the hole opening mid-flight. and why it's led to similar incidents as recently as two years ago. plus, making smarter sushi choices the next time you're eating out, that is, if you like sushi. what can you do to protect one of the world's most popular fish. and we're seeing kind of a cooler evening under way around the bay area. temperatures tonight already dropping into the 50s. a little breezy outside as well. but a wrap-up of the weekend, will it include any more chances of showers? we'll talk more about the changes in your sunday forecast when we comeht back.
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right now in san francisco, we're at 54 degrees. still a little windy, though. west wind at 17. a cooler start to the weekend, but what about your sunday forecast.
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for the first time in four years, salmon season is open without restriction off the california coast for sport fishermen. the california department of fish and game is predicting almost triple last year's salmon population. today marked the start of the season. both commercial and recreational salmon fishing has been closed or drastically reduced in the past three years due to a steep drop in the salmon count.
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>> unfortunately the weather's keeping everybody tied up for the opening weekend. it may possibly blow right through to tomorrow. so we'll have to wait and see. check the weather reports around 5:00. >> as he mentioned, strong winds today forced some fishermen to stay put and wait until at least tomorrow before heading out. san francisco's mosconi center, into a comic book fan's dream come true. the anniversary of wondercon, you can see the incredible hulk there. actors and directors from comics adapted into films were also on hand. the convention runs through tomorrow. coming up next at 11:00, we've got new york, los angeles, and san jose. food lovers finally get what they've been waiting for in the south bay. we'll show you a first of its kind festival. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
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you got a state-of-the-art man-cave, but the savings account of a cave-man! hey sports fans check this out. [ beep ] oops, my bad. earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby! ooh, 3-d! instead of earning bupkus, your savings could be earning three times the national average! three times more. go online to what's in your wallet? what's this do? [ beeping ] now, back to our top story tonight. it was a close call in the skies over arizona last night when a large hole ripped open in the cabin of a southwest airlines jet full of passengers. and it's just the latest in a
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series of problems onboard planes dating back decades. tom costello reports. >> the plane involved a 15-year-old 737-300, another southwest plane had a hole open up in the roof nearly two years ago at 30,000 feet forcing an emergency landing in west virginia. that led to several faa air worthiness directives. airlines were ordered to inspect 737s for signs of metal fatigue. two years ago, the faa fined southwest $7.5 million for failing to conduct timely crack inspections on its 737 fleet. we talked to the ntsb on the scene. >> we will be looking at everything. right now we are here to look at this accident, and if we find issues related to this accident that could be applied to the rest of the fleet, we will make that point known. >> reporter: and metal fatigue has led to tragedy. in 2005, a chalk's airways plane crashed on takeoff from miami when its wing ripped off. 20 people were killed. in 1988, the top of an aloha
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airlines plane tore off in flight. a flight attendant was sucked out of the plane to her death. >> again, that was tom costello reporting. in san francisco, several musical groups got together to raise money for japanese disaster relief. hundreds of people enjoyed the nice weather at the peace plaza. several well-known hawaiian entertainer played for free. organizers say aiding others in need was the driving spirit behind the concerts. >> i'm part of the hawaiian cultural community, playing music, and interested in hawaiian culture. we feel a deep connection with japan. and we all wanted to get together and do something, maybe as much for ourselves as for the japanese people. because we feel kind of helpless sitting here and watching what's happening to them. >> nbc bay area's mike iouay is
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there. proceeds are set to be distributed to direct assistance to people in need in japan. the japanese coast guard rescued a dog yesterday found drifting at sea, can you see him there, three weeks after japan's massive earthquake and tsunami. the dog had a collar. but there's no information on the collar about the dog's owner. but they did manage to rescue him. there he is. safe and sound. just a little scared. we've got meteorologist rob mayeda checking out the weather around here. it was certainly a big -- all kinds of stuff going on. rain last weekend, now a little more rain and clouds? >> the temperatures all the way in the upper 80s yesterday. today things really cooled off. highs mostly in the 60s around san jose. right now in san francisco a little windy outside. west winds at 17 miles per hour. 54 degrees. san jose, 57. a little bit of a north wind at 3 miles an hour. and 55 degrees in oakland. a cool night in store. as the winds continue to pump in cooler and drier air from the north, we will see our
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temperatures tonight bottoming out mostly in the 40s. right now, mid-50s outside. the interesting numbers, the wind speeds up to solano county, northwest winds from about 15 to 20 miles per hour. a little blustery right now, as the winds back off to sunrise. some spots around northern sonoma county may drop as cold as the upper 30s by tomorrow morning. the skies did clear out. we did have the clouds hung up around san jose for most of the day. now the system continues to head through central california. behind it, we're going to see more sunshine tomorrow. but with the cooler and drier air settling on in, there are two factors that are going to cancel out. more sunshine tomorrow, just cooler air coming in from the north. highs mostly in the 60s. look out for high surf and still breezy conditions on the coastline to wrap up the weekend. for monday we'll see winds turning offshore, which should put our temperatures back in the mid, maybe upper 70s monday into tuesday. then another cooldown arrives as we head toward the middle part of the week. tonight, 40s outside.
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we'll see breezy conditions, and possibly some spots in the north bay, wind protected spots that may hit the upper 30s overnight. tomorrow, pretty much one giant microclimate for the bay area. mid-60s from san jose up to oakland. temperatures running warmer as you get out to the delta. a couple locations which typically warm up with north winds, we'll see a little bit of that for tomorrow, highs in the low 70s. the warmest day monday. almost summer-like taste of weather there. mid-week, cooling, showers for thursday. but the home opener for the giants for now looks like we'll see clearing skies and warming again heading towards next weekend. thanks a lot, rob. and now, the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. hello. i'm back. lawrence scott is off tonight so i'll be handling sports duties. bear with me on this one. the a's opened with a lost to the mariners last night.
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seattle took a one-run lead into the eighth inning. oakland evened the game at two apiece. josh willingham scored. dropping a second straight game to seattle. 5-2. in los angeles this afternoon, manager bruce bochy sent matt cain out to the mound. cruised through six shutout innings, striking out three dodgers in a solid performance. the giants offense exploded for ten runs on the afternoon, led by this guy, shortstop miguel tejada. he had a productive day. freddie sanchez also had a big day. check this out with three rbis, including this one, his first home run of the season. the giants beat the dodgers, you ready for this, 10-0. i like saying that. winning their first game of the
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season. a couple of other sports notes, the sharks beat the ducks at the tank, and the warriors topped the dallas mavericks in oakland. coming up, environmentalists liken it to eating an endangeres it still on sushi menus. coming up next. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted,
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[ banker ] we decided to roll that money into ashley's college account. turns out there's seven gifted kids in ashley's class of nine. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪ with you when it's time to save. mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate baconalia! ly at denny's. america's diner is always open. in the country is urging people to stop eating one of the world's most popular fish, the company that provides sushi to whole foods has joined with environmentists about the blue tuna. >> reporter: blue fin tuna is a melt in your mouth delicacy. and because of that, it's in big trouble. we are overfishing and overeating it. and now the blue fin tuna is
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near extinction. there has been a 72% decline in its population. any more, and the blue fin will not be able to regenerate its ranks. it will vanish. >> for this, this is the future. that's why we're taking it on as our mission. and we're the future for us, working with suppliers and vendors throughout the world to educate them. >> reporter: ken blakeman is with genji sushi. it's urging customers now to stop eating blue fin tuna. >> blue fin tuna is definitely off of our list and has been for many years, going back five, six, seven years. >> reporter: instead, they offer sustainable sushi like wild albacore, caught off the northern california course using progressive practices. thai shrimp and sham mon. this week, ginji partnered with national geographic at the
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cherry blossom festival. sweet shrimp like toro will melt in your mouth. >> tastes sweet. >> reporter: sustainable sushi has been slow to catch on. tataki is one of the few restaurants in united states not offering blue fin. >> again, that was wendy reeger reporting. by the way, you can have a say by simply refusing to order blue fin and let the restaurant know why. first of its kind festival in the south bay is the food truck craze making its way to san jose. restaurants on wheels came together downtown this afternoon. vendors have been featured on food channels for alternative to fine dining but for a fraction of the cost. >> most of the food trucks are either in l.a. or san francisco, or maybe new york. but we thought there was a great market here. we thought there was a great amount of people who have such enthusiasm for great food. we figured let's bring all these
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trucks. a lot of these guys are my friends. we put it on facebook, got a random parking lot and let's see what happens. >> it's similar to the friday night food fair in san francisco as well. kind of fun thing to do in san jose. wrapped up around 9:00 tonight. sunny tomorrow. a little cool. not in the 80s over the last couple of days. tomorrow, mid-60s. nightest day of the week looks to be monday. we will see temperatures in the mid-70s, maybe close to 80s. wednesday and thursday we will see kind of like we're seeing another, another system drops in, heads off to the east of us, brings up the winds and possibly toss showers our way on thursday. all eyes kind of keeping an eye towards friday and saturday. giants play their home opener as world champions. things should be clearing out for the friday and saturday time frame. as we head toward next weekend we'll see things warming baup up in the 70s.
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tomorrow, bundle up if you're heading to the food trucks. >> especially the last couple of days, we got used to summer very quickly. thanks for joining us. "saturday night live" is up next. sir elton john is tonight's host. good night. [ ryan ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ ryan ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪
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